Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

St. Johns County Center for the Arts (SJCCA)

at St. Augustine High School


The St. Johns County Center for the Arts provides artistically gifted students with a pre-professional program of study designed to develop their unique talents in the performing and visual arts. In an environment that is supportive and intellectually challenging, SJCCA prepares students to be members of an artistic society. Commitment and self-discipline are necessary to advance through the school’s academic and artistic studies. SJCCA has four strands: Music (band, jazz band, vocal/chorus, guitar, orchestra, piano), Dance, Theater (theater, musical theatre and theater tech) and Fine Arts (2D, 3D and digital art). SJCCA students must audition before they are accepted into the program. SJCCA will train students in their chosen art(s) to be competitive in pre-professional and higher education experiences. Students are able to take multiple art classes, in different arts areas, in order to fulfill their passion and interests in the arts. There is a recommended course of study recommended for students during all four years of their high school career. SJCCA allows students to shine on stage, in a performance, in the community or in an art showcase. All students who are accepted are expected to perform at the highest level and work to grow as artists.

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