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The AICE Program is an International Pre-University Preparation Program, part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, a not-for-profit organization,and a department of the University of Cambridgein England. Pre-AICE courses taken primarily during the 9th& 10thgrade prepare students for AICE-level (college level) courses. Students will take their first AICE level courses during 9thgrade, and more are added each successive year. Each AICE-level course culminates with a Cambridge exam. Students can earn college credit for passing scores in every AICE-level exam they take. AICEcourses are among the highest level, most rigorous available to students in St. Johns County Schools and across the world.  More than 10,000 schools offer Cambridge programs worldwide. Cambridge operates in160 countries across 6 regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, and Southern Africa. Over 150 schools in Florida and over 200 across the U.S. offer the Cambridge Program, while more are being added each year. The 800thanniversary of Cambridge University was celebrated in 2009, and Cambridge Assessment, which is the world’s largest providerof international examinations, celebrates 162 years in 2020. All 12 public colleges/universities in the state of Florida, 100% of Ivy League universities, and over 640 universities across the U.S. accept AICE (or “GCE A-Levels”) credits-by-exam, with varying policies.

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