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Academy of Aquaculture

The Academy of Aquaculture offers students the technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources career cluster.  Students study the history of agriculture, global economics, biological, environmental, and technological principals in aquaculture, anatomy and physiology of freshwater aquaculture species, reproduction, propagation and culture of aquaculture organisms, plant science, water quality, operation and maintenance of aquaculture machinery, equipment, and facilities, and commercial hatchery and fishery rules and regulations.  Students are engaged in aquaculture (fish) and aquaponics (produce) farming within the school’s 20’x36’ greenhouse. Industry certification can be earned as an Aquaculture Technician. Students can pursue entry level careers in aquatic farming or further their education in aquatic biology, fishery science, environmental science, or aquaculture.



The Academy of Aquaculture is dedicated to providing students with high quality, industry relevant curriculum and instruction to assure success in post secondary education and/or academy related career opportunities. Through collaboration with our business partners, students are engaged in applied learning and develop confidence, long lasting relationships, and a sense of community.


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