Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

St. Johns County Director of Public Affairs Meets with Communications Academy Students

A huge thank you to Wayne Larson, Director of Public Affairs for St. Johns County, who spent some time with Nease’s Wired News students.  Mr. Larson discussed his background in Television Production, and how he worked his way into the public relations/public administration field.  He shared with the students how far they could take their Communications industry knowledge, and introduced them to the concept of “Integrated Marketing Communications.”  This methodology means that the public will never see/hear/read a story in one singular mode of communication. Information is to be shared via multiple platforms including print, social media, and television.  Mr. Larson also offered some advice to our students, including to always tell their own story, to never to let someone else determine who they are or where their career will take them.   He also noted that taking advantage of internships and networking opportunities will take the students far.  Mr. Larson shared that he is working to establish an internship program within the Communications Department of St. Johns County Government, and he is looking forward to advertising opportunities to the Communications Academy students.