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School Year Off to a Strong Start for Nease Communications Academy Students

Nease’s Communications Academy Ambassadors update us on the latest happenings in their Academy classes

Digital Design student Emsley Thornton shared this update: this year in Digital Design 2, we started off the year with refreshing our Photoshop skills from last year! Our first assignment was to make a new Schoology Logo for our class. As a class, we were going to vote for which one we wanted. Pictured above, is the logo that I made. Since our school’s colors are green and gold, I knew that I wanted to incorporate them somewhere in the design. So, I did a gradient background, and only use green, gold, white, and black for my color scheme. Another key identity piece for Nease is our panther mascot. So, I included claw marks behind the words “Digital Design 2” and panther paws in the background. Overall, I am proud to say that my class chose my logo for Schoology! I loved having no limits on how creative I could be in designing my logo! I can’t wait to design more neat stuff this year!

Sports Media Ambassador Seth Zapata offered this update: In sports media I’ve been working on a highlight reel of each game on the basketball team’s schedule. Each game has their own song and edits created by our production team and all of the games are compiled at the end of the year for a full recap video of the team’s memories. Filming and exiting each of these games is great because it creates a sense of pride for the team and gives them something to look back on.

Peyton Crevasse, also a Sports Media student, shared this: Recently, in my communications academy, I have been able to work on the season video for Nease Women’s Soccer. For this project, I have been compiling footage from the games to create highlight videos. This is a really cool experience because I play on the soccer team! I love being able to combine my Communications Academy with my other extracurricular activities.

And in Nease’s award-winning News Program, WIRED, Academy Ambassador Julie Frith shared this: The WIRED students are hard at work on their big Capstone Projects. This is where they get to showcase their skills and creativity by producing anything they want. Students utilize professional equipment and hone in on skills they’ve practiced all semester long. The picture feature Kyleigh Wood and myself setting up lighting and equipment for a scene in a substance abuse PSA.