Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

Rotary Club of St. Augustine Ensures Community Project Continues for Culinary Academy

When the Culinary Academy learned that a new funding source was needed to continue their years of community service preparing meals for the homeless population in St. Augustine, the team started reaching out to local organizations for financial support.  Included in the search was a conversation with Advisory Board member, Lorna MacDonald (Raintree restaurant), regarding funding sources.  Ms. McDonald suggested a request be made to the Rotary Club of St. Augustine as the organization offers grant opportunities for community service projects.  Our grant application competed against several others and we were third in line for receiving grant funding for the Dining with Dignity project.  Since funding was stretched to support the first two applications, the Rotary Club decided to host a fundraising event to ensure our community service project did not cease. In partnership with Urban Asada, the Rotary Club raised a substantial amount to continue our project for the next several years. St. Johns Technical High School and the Culinary Academy are extremely grateful to the Rotary Club of St. Augustine as we will be able to continue a project that allows our Culinary students to apply their skills and give back to their community.

Funding will be used to purchase food items, consumables for packing and serving, as well as culinary tools and equipment needing upgrades.  Funding from the Rotary Club of St. Augustine will support the project resuming this fall and will allow the Academy to prepare a meal to serve 100 homeless every other month.  The Dining with Dignity program is in partnership with Home Again St. Johns.