Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

PVHS Graduate speaks to IT students

Julianne Owen, class of 2020, gave the Academy of Information Technology students some advice.   In her words, “Classes like your IT Academy classes are incredibly important”, “Always go for what you want, nothing is as out of reach as it seems” and “Reach out to others for help.”     Julianne learned this first hand during her freshman year at the University of Florida.   A mentor encouraged her to apply for the NASA Pathways internship.  She did and was awarded a multi-year internship which will culminate into a full-time job at NASA when she graduates.

In the meantime, as a freshman in college, she has completed two tours at NASA and has worked on programming the trajectories of upcoming missions.   On her next tour she will work in the  mission control area.   Congratulations Julianne!