Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

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Project Innovation District Competition on November 17, 2017 A Great Success

Project Innovation is a school district competition, funded by an AT&T STEM at Work Grant, which encourages Career Academy and CTE Program students to develop innovative ideas that tie to their program focus. This year, 415 high school students participated on 100 teams from five high schools. School level competitions were held and then the winning team per program came to the district competition held on Thursday, November 17, 2017 at Ponte Vedra High School. We appreciate our judges this year – Ryan Carter, Carter Environmental Services; Adah Stair, HDR, Inc.; George Connaughton, Matthews Design; Meryl Sines, NAVAIR; Johnny Gibison, Citi; and Josephine Spearman, Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Winning projects were:

1st Place Tie – Creekside High School
Academy of Engineering & Environmental Sciences – Engineering Strand
$100 award per team member
(L to R) Daniel Paul, Kennedy Hamilton, Juliana Monroy, Cutter Stiteler,
Project: S.E.A.T. (Seat Elimination Alleviation Technology)
This newly designed car seat for drivers has electronics in it to sense when drivers are stressed, which activates a low-level massage feature to calm them down. It can also assess when they are starting to get drowsy and increase the massage pressure/speed to wake them up.

1st Place Tie – First Coast Technical College
Early Childhood Program
$100 award per team member
(Front L to R) Marissa Droleski, Devon Schack, Kendra Jackson, Lisa Denmon (not pictured)
Project: Providers Team
The Awareness Bracelet was designed initially for deaf/hard of hearing teachers. Students wear bracelets, as well, and each student bracelet has a number connected to it. When the teacher is helping a student and another student needs assistance, they can press a button on their bracelet and that number appears on the teacher’s bracelet in the order received, so the teacher knows who to help next. It can also be used for students to quietly signal hearing teachers.

2nd Place – Ponte Vedra High School
Academy of International Business & Marketing – Business Strand
$75 award per team member
(L to R) Luis Trejo, Elizabeth Fox, Allyson Padgett, Kiley Hennessey, Alexandra Hess, Avianna Gordon
Project: Team NEW (Newest Entrepreneurs Working)
Contaminex would be a new device that is adhered to the walls or stalls in public restrooms. Individuals place their cell phones in it while using the restroom to keep them safe. UV lights running on batteries sanitize the phone by killing the bacteria.

3rd Place tie – Nease High School
Stellar Academy of Engineering
$50 award per team member
(L to R) Musa Ahmed, Collin Gee, Maanasi Vadlamani, William Mitchell, Richard Bachmann
Project: Building Block Architecture
Mobile, factory built, customizable apartment units constructed off-site. They can be slid into a large, multistory, steel frame to make up an apartment complex. They can be removed and trucked to new locations around the country to be placed in new complex frames, so your apartment can move wherever you move.