Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

PMHS Health Academy Students Prep for EKG Certification

The Health Science 3 class is preparing for their EKG certification exam, that is coming up soon. The students are learning how to treat a patient properly, place their electrodes, and adhere to health and safety protocols. The students created videos of themselves administering an entire EKG exam on classmates or mannequins. In these videos, they displayed their knowledge of how to complete an EKG from start to finish in a professional manner. Learning how to complete these EKG’s is an exciting part of the student’s curriculum because they are able to work in the lab and use the same machines that are used in industry. Working in labs gives them the experience as if they are in a clinical setting, preparing them for future endeavors in medicine.

By Viswa Naik and Brianna Handley