Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

Outstanding Business Partner of the Year

Congratulations to the City of St. Augustine Public Works Department for being selected as the 2019-2020 Career Academy Outstanding Business Partner of the year for their commitment to the Coastal & Water Resources Academy at St. Johns Technical High School.

City Staff at the Wastewater Treatment Plant mentored students in the Academy of Coastal and Water Resources, teaching them about the maintenance, process, and unique needs of a municipal wastewater treatment facility. The Public Works Department participated in mock job interviews and hosted summer internships for students. City Staff also supported the Academy by participating in quarterly Advisory Board meetings.

The role of community and industry partners is vital to the success of Career Academies and to preparing students for a variety of careers. We are grateful for the commitment to the City and to all of our business partners who support the Coastal & Water Resources Academy.