Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County


For Stellar Academy of Engineering students, options to study engineering at the college level are plentiful.  The University of North Florida, right in our own backyard, offers fantastic opportunities for students to study Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical engineering….or be a part of their newest major: Advanced Manufacturing.  Students had the chance to learn more when they toured UNF’s School of Engineering.  The group started off in their Introduction to Engineering classroom, where they met with Dr. Osama Jadaan, Director of the School of Engineering and a Stellar Academy of Engineering Advisory Board member.  Dr. Jadaan shared with the students that engineering is a “noble profession which makes our lives better.”  He discussed how UNF’s engineering programs are different than what other Universities have to offer.  He noted the Jacksonville location provides a variety of internship and job opportunities due to the number of engineering firms in our city.  He shared that the smaller class sizes featured at UNF means that students really get to know their professors.  Finally, he pointed out that not only does the College focus on project-based, hands-on learning, but that they also emphasize the need for clear and confident communications skills among their engineering students.  This meets the needs of the firms who are looking to hire engineers who can not only design and build, but also work in teams and communicate effectively with co-workers.  When asked about scholarships, Dr. Jadaan told the group that above and beyond accepting state scholarships like Bright Futures, the college also offers specialized scholarships for local students seeking to continue their Engineering education at UNF.  All the student needs to do is reach out to the college to learn more about potential opportunities.  Next, the students heard from a College of Engineering advisor, who discussed the courses students would take in the program and answered student questions about the which courses to take in high school in order to be best prepared for college.

Next, the students got to tour the Engineering School to visit several of their featured labs.  They met with a Mechanical Engineering professor, an Electrical Engineering professor, a Civil Engineering professor, and a professor in the Advanced Manufacturing lab.  Students got to learn a little more about each program, see student projects, and ask questions.  The tour was truly eye-opening, and the students really got a feel for the opportunities provided by the University of North Florida’s Engineering majors.  We thank Dr. Jadaan for inviting Nease’s students to tour the school and learn more!