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The St. Johns County Academy of Hospitality and Tourism has been busy the first month of school. Our Technology in Hospitality class has just finished up their Planning and Budgeting project for a Disney vacation. Using the Microsoft 2016 Suite they were able to create a travel itinerary for a family of four, staying within their family’s given budget, to Walt Disney World. Students got to experience firsthand all the details that a Disney Vacation Specialist has to take into consideration when planning a trip and how a having a tight budget makes planning ahead very important. Meanwhile, our Intro to Hospitality class has been practicing the importance of Consistent Quality Service and how much good (or bad) service can effect a business. As we head into September we will be learning about the past of tourism, especially here in St. John’s County, and how important the Tourism Industry is to Florida.

Students also got the opportunity to celebrate the 100th Birthday of the National Park Service during the last weekend of August. As part of the celebration The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine was open for free to all visitors and many students took advantage of this opportunity and visited our local National Park during their free time. This month, all St. John’s County residents can ride the Old Town Trolley in St. Augustine for free. Many Hospitality Academy students will be taking advantage of the “free ride”, so if you see a teen with a sign that reads “NEASE HOSPITALITY”, please stop and talk to them about our Academy!