Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

Nease Hospitality & Tourism Academy Student’s Small Business Blossoms

One of Nease’s Academy of Hospitality & Tourism students, Keegan Mapa, has been putting his hospitality knowledge to the test with his new small business, Sweet Aloha Treats 904. Sweet Aloha Treats 904 creates and sells freeze-dried candies and they have quickly become a hit at local farmers markets and on Nease’s campus! Keegan has partnered with our Hospitality Academy to sell the freeze-dried candies in our Spirit Box Vending Machine. So far, they have featured “Aloha Puffs”, “Bursting Star Fruit Crunch”, and “Rainbow Crunch”, all of which sold out in less than a week. To incorporate this new product offering into our Academy, students in the Marketing and Technology and Tourism classes have been using the skills from their newly obtained certification, Social Media Strategy, to create content to market the candy. Sweet Aloha Treats 904’s popularity continues to grow, and we are excited to watch and support Keegan as he excels in his new business!

The Nease Spirit Box, a 24-hour school store run by the students in Hospitality Academy’s Entrepreneurship class, had a profitable 4th quarter! The Spirit Box was officially opened in October and ended the 2021 year in the green! The biggest sellers were phone chargers and headphones, but the Spirit Box has now added Sweet Aloha Treats, Tide Stain Pens and Wipes, and Nease Senior t-shirts. As the Spirit Box grows, so does out students’ experience with running a small business.