Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

IT Academy Students Build 3D Body Scanner

Students in the Academy of Information Technology proposed a project to build a 3D Body Scanner to their teacher, Mr. Costello.  After securing funding from the PVHS Parents Association, work on the project began.  The system is being built using Raspberry Pi Zero W devices.  The Pi Zero is a fully functional computer that is about the size of a wallet.  and is equipped with a camera module and wireless internet connectivity.  The frame of the scanner is being built using PVC tubing and will hold 24 Pi/Camera modules.  Each module is connected to a separate computer through a local network and will be controlled remotely.  Objects within the frame will have 24 pictures taken simultaneously from 24 different angles.   The photos are transmitted to the control computer and process by software to convert them into one 3 dimensional model of the subject.  This model could then be converted to a file to be printed on a 3D printer.  Our students will get the experience to design, build, program and integrate this project with other technology.