Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

Nease’s Academy of Engineering and AP Art Intersect for Student Project

When Art and Science come together, it’s a beautiful thing! Recently, some of Nease’s AP 2D design course students teamed up with the Stellar Academy of Engineering to create unique works of art. AP Art Instructor Megan Welch learned that our Engineering Academy is home to two Glowforge 3D Laser Cutter and Engravers.  She met with Engineering teacher Bergman Arias to learn about what these amazing machines can do, and to see what our Engineering students have used them for in their classes.  The lightbulb went off and Mrs. Welch asked if they could team up to create original works of art utilizing the Engineering Academy’s technology.  The process began with art students creating an original drawing.  From this base drawing, the student traced the work using blue and red pens so the Glowforge machine would know what to cut out (designated in red), and what to engrave (designated in blue). Once the color-coded work was done, it was off to the Engineering Lab to collaborate with Mr. Arias in using the Glowforge cutter.  The result is beautiful, original works of art that have jumped off the page and are now cut and engraved from balsa wood. Art students who had the chance to get a glimpse into the world of Engineering technology say that this was a fun and rewarding project they truly enjoyed!