Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

Academy of Culinary Arts Students Discover Culinary Careers in the Military

Students from the Academy of Culinary Arts at St. Johns Tech were treated to an enthusiastic presentation about culinary careers in the military by Master Chief Spears of Nease High School.    Master Chief Spears shared his culinary journey that took him from high school to a 25 year career as a Culinary Specialist in the US Navy.  He served on 5 different ships, from fast frigates to destroyers.  The students saw how food supplies are loaded from supply vessels on to the main decks of the naval ships in mid-seas…a task that is performed with precision and skill.  Over his 25 year career in the military, Master Chief Spears visited over 50 cities and countries with Dubai, Finland, Cartagena, Columbia and Bahrain as his favorite ports of calls.

Master Chief Spears highly recommends a culinary career in the military for those who have a passion for travel and cooking.  As a Culinary Specialist in the military, he was set on a career that provided a path to maturity and a love for the craft.  His most enjoyable part of the job was seeing the happy expressions from the servicemen on the ship.  And, he is an excellent cook to this day.

When Master Chief Spears is not cooking, he is the Naval Science Instructor at Nease High School.