Career and Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

Academy Business Partners Provide a Year of Unique Opportunities to Nease Students

Within Nease’s Stellar Academy of Engineering, Communications Academy, and the St. Johns County Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, the relationships between the Academy programs and the business partners provide a variety of opportunities to help expand our students’ education through assemblies, field trips and competition judging.   This year, our programs offered a total of 21 field trip opportunities, ranging from a lunch and learn at engineering firm England, Thims and Miller, to seeing sustainable micro-farming in action at the Sawgrass Marriott.  From tours of UNF’s ESPN Plus broadcast production control room to walks through Flagler’s historic and beautiful student dining room…business partners helped to show students what is possible outside of their time in high school.  They also brought professionals into the classroom, via specialized guest speaker events.  The Hospitality Academy hosted panel discussions on the lodging industry and event planning, while the Communications Academy welcomed guest speakers including a PGA Tour Entertainment Digital Content Director, a Netflix television show writer, and a News4Jax Anchor.  In Engineering, we featured transportation engineers, an architect, and a local engineering business owner who has turned his Revit software skills into a thriving business.

In addition to guest speakers and field trips, our Academy partners also provide summer internships to our rising seniors, help steer our curriculum to ensure that we are best preparing our students for their future careers, and speak proudly about our programs to others in their industries.  We know that everyone’s professional life is quite busy, but those who take time out to help the next generation of professionals are truly making a difference.  Thank you, Nease Academy Business Partners!